Gladioli Zorro

Gladioli Zorro

Out of season.


Species:x grandiflorus
Climate:Cool to Sub-Tropical
Aspect:Full Sun
Supplied as:Bulbs
Water needs:3

A foxy choice with claret red blooms.

Gladiolus are bright and beautiful summer flowers. Their tall stems look stylish at the back of a border or bed, along a fence line or planted in a clump.

A trick of the trade is to plant your Gladioli bulbs in batches over a few weeks. This will extend the flowering show. When planting in warm weather allow 90 days to flower and cooler weather 110 days.

The flowers of Gladioli are excellent for picking, we recommend picking them as the first bud opens to get the longest vase life from them. It is also a good idea to pick in the morning before the heat of the day.


Plant your corms in a sunny, spot into prepared soil. To 'prepare' your soil, add lots of well-rotted animal manure or compost to the soil prior to planting, this increases nutrients in the soil and can increase the quality of the flowers into the future. Ideally work the manure through the soil 4-6 weeks before planting, digging deeply to ensure good drainage. Don't worry if you miss the boat, just do it at the time of planting. Gladioli should be planted in an open position and their stems kept clear of weeds.

June to December. Earlier plantings can be undertaken in warmer areas. Plant 12 cm deep and space 12-18 cm apart. When planting in warm weather allow 90 days to flower and cooler weather 110 days. Gladioli grow 1-2m tall and 15-30cm across.

As the foliage begins to grow, add a light top dressing of fertiliser. If there is poor air flow, fungus can occur, control by spraying with a suitable fungicide. In warm weather, Gladioli can be affected by Thrip

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